We have a team of professionals that run our Managed Print division. We would like to explore the opportunity for Integrated Managed Print Solutions to be invited to tender for your print services

We understand that you may be working with vendors and suppliers now. We would welcome the opportunity to help and work with you and supply a submission of our own.

We would focus on driving down costs by improving workflow practices by up to 20%. This is delivered by addressing the following areas;


  • Waste management
  • Digital workflow
  • Print optimisation

We would conduct a Print Audit of your business to obtain the information required to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your electronic and hard copy print workflow.

We would like to offer New customers the opportunity to utilise Integrated Managed Print Solutions Print Assessment Services to conduct an operations print assessment, this would include:

Initial assessment of your environment –

  • Output hardware
  • Document production costs,
  • Device utilisation
  • Outstanding- leasing/ownership costs
  • User satisfaction

Integrated Managed Print Solutions will endeavour to deliver an assessment report that demonstrates a cost saving of 20% as compared to your current environment.

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