The health and vitality of your organisation’s network and technology devices is absolutely paramount to its success. We at Integrated IT “Preferred Partners” understand that a reliable, functional and efficient network of computers and equipment is what keeps your business alive. Downtime is never an option. Integrated IT “Preferred Partner” service platform enables us to observe your servers and desktops at all times and to continuously identify potential and real issues.

Our Preferred IT Partners offer Remote Monitoring, support, and full management of networks for companies with or without IT professionals on staff. If you have IT professionals currently employed at your organisation, we work to support them and prove to be a valuable resource. For companies that do not have IT staff employed, we offer packages providing complete IT management.

Our “Preferred Partners” have certified engineers that can design, install, integrate, update and maintain your organisation’s network to give you the edge on your competition. Our “Preferred Partners” IT service is designed to fit the specific needs of your business. These partners have a long history of outstanding customer service and a reputation for excellent support and security options, we will be able to provide your business with the exact IT Network solutions it requires. From setting up email accounts to a full network build out, Integrated IT “Preferred Partners” Managed IT Services are the answer for you.


With Managed IT Services from Integrated IT “Preferred Partners”, you’ll receive real-time proactive network and desktop monitoring. Your IT staff or designated personnel will receive customized performance alerts automatically from our secure monitoring technology. This allows internal IT to review issues holistically, as well as internally prioritize, and remediate issues based on severity instead of order of arrival. Our clients receive monitoring and validation of backup processes via daily e-mail confirmation. Backup remediation can eliminate any intervention on your part in the daily completion of the backup process.

We focus on the optimal performance of your network so that you can focus on your business.

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