Docpoint and Approve

The perfect solutions to accounts processing and record keeping

The tax office says you must keep invoices and financial records for seven years. But storing that much paperwork can be costly and time consuming. And finding a record can be difficult and expensive.

Docpoint solves that problem by keeping all of your accounts records properly indexed and stored online so they can be easily searched and retrieved.

Docpoint can be integrated with most accounting systems which means you can find and retrieve records directly from your accounting software.

Docpoint works with CSSP’s Cheops, and Jobpac, and is used in conjunction with Oracle Financials, Timberline, MRI, MYOB, Sun systems and others every day.

‘Approve’ workflow streamlines your accounting process by automating the receipt, approval, and payment of invoices. Approve workflow directs an invoice to the correct person for approval and can link directly to your accounting software for processing.

Approve is perfect for systems where the person approving the invoice is located in a regional office or project site.

Brookfield Multiplex chose ‘Approve’ and Docpoint to process and store invoices because it is ideal for their diverse range of applications and projects.

Brookfield Multiplex use Approve to process more than 20,000 invoices per annum, and have almost 500,000 records stored in Docpoint.

Cockram chose Docpoint for their accounts payable management.

By using Docpoint they regain valuable storage space and payment records are always easy to find and retrieve.

When Probuild was established as Contexx in 2006, they came to C Digital for help with handling their accounts payable workload. By using Docpoint they are able to manage all of their accounts payables quickly and efficiently.


One Stop Document Capture

Integrated IT “Preferred Partners” offers a range of scanners and scanning services to streamline your document management. We can also give you advice on the best way to catalogue your documents and the most cost effective methods to capture data from those documents.

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