Managed Print Services is a long term trust – based decision, most organisations try and select a service provider they believe is able to achieve and satisfy their business goals to achieve a well-managed, highly productive, office print environment.

The ability to implement and attain is based on its success of delivering results today, as well as planning in the future.

The Completeness of information will define the success of the program by analyzing the ongoing performance for the client.  Its view of the market, service operating model, and strategic plans for growth and service improvements.*

“Savings opportunities for customers are greater than ever as the focus of MPS shifts from optimizing printer fleets to optimizing business processes.”* So the combination workflow optimization of information and regular reviews hold the key to operating Managed Print Services

Integrated Office Systems methodically plans and reviews activity solutions within your organisation.

With the continued tracking of your system we endeavour to ensure that we are optimising the performance of your print fleet. To discuss the options available please contact us to ensure the success of an Integrated Managed Print Solution.


Integrated MPS  Process


By communicating and observing your printing environment Integrated MPS will assess your current and future requirements and how these can be better optimised.


Integrated MPS will propose the most suitable solution for your business from our wide range of models.


We will implement our recommended solution with minimum disruption to your business.


Through continuous remote monitoring we will ensure consumables are delivered as they are needed, identify faults before or as they happen and react immediately to minimise any downtime.


We provide detailed reporting and statistics on usage of your devices. Through continual review we ensure that you’re printing and document workflow processes are improved and optimised so that you benefit from higher levels of efficiency and productivity throughout your organisation.