How we stand out from other major suppliers and small resellers.

Integrated Office Systems has implemented a Managed Print Solution ERP system called Jim2®,  this system allows accurate monitoring for a concise & consolidated bill to be generated for our larger firms, which eliminates problems of time integrating and management of the various formats on their back end ERP systems, therefore saving time and money.

We at Integrated Office Systems have implement one of the best ERP systems in our opinion called Jim2®. This ERP system as you can read below has been specifically designed for the Managed Printer Market.

“Jim2® Business Engine Managed Print Services (MPS) Edition automates your copier counts/meter reads, as well as managing the accounts, scheduling, contracts, aggregate billing of your Copier business. Created Specifically for the Australian Managed Print Services (MPS) and Photocopier Industry

Jim2® Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition is developed and supported in Australia specifically for those in Managed Print Services, Copier Dealers, Office Equipment Businesses or Mixed IT, Copier & MPS Businesses.

  1. Jim2® Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition is an integrated solution that offers quicker invoicing & billing
  2. Reduce your administration costs – your entire operation is managed from within one business system
  3. Web-based Copier Count/Meter Reads and automation of manual, labour-intensive tasks saves your business time and money
  4. Advanced Stock Control keeps track of all the assets of your business
  5. Being able to analyse key performance indicators such as individual ‘Machine Profit’

After consultation with the Australian MPS and Copier Industry, Happen Business found that there was a need for business software that could keep pace with the changing face of the copier business and also to automate a lot of the processes that are associated with running a profitable copier sales and maintenance business.

Happen Business developed Jim2® Business Engine Managed Print Services Edition as a powerful all-in-one multi-user Enterprise Resource Planning solution that streamlines and simplifies accounts and administration, service management and meter requests of your copier business.

**As quoted by Jim2®

Printer Monitoring:

Integrated MPS has invested in Print Audit 6; Print Audit 6 is a leading auditing and monitoring software, which creates a fully automated system to Integrated MPS back end.

“The average employee prints 35 pages per day of which 17% is never used. Print Audit lets organisations significantly reduce costs by holding users or employees accountable for every document that they produce.

Gain a detailed understanding of your print environment:

  1. Automatically track 100% of your printing, including local, networked and direct-to-IP devices.
  2. Spot equipment abuses with powerful volume analysis reporting tools that detail who is printing the most and to what devices, what is being printed and more.
  3. Save money by revealing printing inefficiencies such as excessive printing to high cost personal printers.
  4. Installs silently to tens, hundreds or thousands of workstations.

Automatically builds inventory lists of every user, printing device and computer.”

**As quoted by Print Audit 6


Print Audit 6 – Print Audit 6 enables organisations worldwide to significantly lower the cost and environmental impact of printing. The suite is comprised of three components called Analysis, Rules and Recovery.


Copy, Scan and Fax Tracking Solutions – Print Audit can track scan, fax and copy which help you to reduce and recover your document creation costs.

Download the Integrated Platinium Print Tracking Report 9-14